[Article] {Dustin} 130324 (@RioProdBXC) “Lui Kang MV to drop soon.”

As many of you may know the eldest member of B5 Dustin, will be releasing a MV for Lui Kang. Dustin has teamed up with Rio Parks (Rio Productions) who is a Producer/Engineer Videographer. The MV is has been shot in Paris, France and in Atlanta. Rio Parks is based in Chicago, Illinois and has collaborated with other artists such as Chief Keef, Shawnna, Lil Reese, Trey Songz, MGK, Edai, Rolls Royce Rizzy, and Chet Chet. The MV will be “released soon” according to Rio Parks. No date had been announced for the MV release. For more updates on the MV follow Rio Parks on Twitter @RioProdBXC.

Check out Rio Production’s YouTube Channel here!

Source: Rio Parks Twitter (@RioProdBXC) & YT Channel

Article written by staff@welovepatrickbreeding


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