imageDesign by Inrahrah

Open Recruitment. The following positions are open:

News Team

• Must be familiar with news websites/blogs. (MTV, BET, worldstarhiphop etc…)

• Must be able to update the blog regularly.

Graphic Designers

• Must have Photoshop CS3+

• Be able to meet deadlines

• Be able to make Banners, Wallpapers, and icons.

Note: When you apply be prepared to show us your work.

If you have any questions please comment in comment section below.

To apply send us an email:

When you apply please use this format:

(Subject) Position: _________

State or Country:
Time Zone:
SNS (Social Networking Sites):

*You can arrange a schedule. Please indicate what time you’ll be available.

Only sent applications if you are serious!

Featured Website – Application


Name: Street Team/Fansite:


*Captain’s name (for street teams owner):

*Owner’s name (for website): Caption:


Featured Photo

• Must have your fansite/street team name.



• Please provide us with your tumblr or website link.



• If you would like for a caption to be under your photo please provide us with one.


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