[Official] 130501 B5’s new single Say Yes on iTunes 5/7

We will provide you guys with the official link next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: B5’s Twitter
Re-uploaded by staff@welovepatrickbreeding

[News] 130425 B5 fans trend #B5SayYes


On April 25, 2013 Carnell revealed on his twitter that B5 is going to make an announcement next week and release a new single titled Say Yes. After the announcement, B5 fans immediately started to trend #B5SayYes & at 21:23 CDT #B5SayYes started to trend!

Good Job B5Army! Lets continue to support the boys!

Credit (Screen Cap): @rendinaliaus & @laconversa

Written by staff@welovepatrickbreeding