[Project#1] Welcome back B5!

After their long awaited comeback, B5 has returned to the music scene with their new single Say Yes. We would like for new and old B5 fans to please do one of the following to support our boys and to let them know that we’re here to support them.

You can do the following:

• Please keep the messages clean. No profanity or anything inappropriate.

Fan Videos
• Submit a video of you congratulating the boys.
• Time limit 1min.
• No profanity or anything inappropriate.

• Graphics must not contain any profanity or anything inappropriate. No limit.

Dance Covers
• 1:30 sec maximum. It could be with a group or just you alone. Song must be of B5.

Deadline: May 24, 2013 @12 midnight PST

Please send your videos, messages, and graphics to welovepatrickbreeding@gmail.com

For any questions simply ask us on twitter @welovepatrickb or comment down below.